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February 13, 2012
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James' Weekends by Katkat-Tan James' Weekends by Katkat-Tan
I have no idea. i just felt like i HAD to draw James for some reason.

anyway, yeah this is James Hellbourne my OC and music teacher at:

This is how James usually spends his weekends when he just stays at home for the whole day.

--and i guess you can see now why he's so grouchy and exhausted in the morning.

7:35 - Wakes up and brushes his teeth
7:40 - Gets in the shower
7:55 - Still in the shower and half asleep
8:15 - Finally really wakes up and gets out of the shower
8:25 - Dresses up
8:35 - Brushes his hair
8:40 - Finally notices he had his toothbrush in his mouth the entire time
8:41 - Tosses his toothbrush aside
8:45 - Eats breakfast and reads the paper
9:00 - Reads a mystery novel
9:35 - Practices a song on his guitar
10:15 - Plays video games
2:45 - Notices the time and finally stops playing
2:55 - Eats lunch
3:15 - Brushes his teeth
3:20 - Goes on the computer and surfs the net
4:00 - Still on the computer
4:45 - 'What am I doing with my life?'
5:20 - Does teacher and schoolwork
7:15 - Still doing teacher's work, and usually gets a migraine by this time
8:35 - Finally done and eats dinner
8:55 - Brushes teeth
9:00 - Strips for bedtime
9:02 - Flops into bed
9:04 - Elliot usually calls by this time
9:05 - Answers phone
9:35 - Still on phone with Elliot
10:25 - Still on phone and gets really embarrassed by conversation
10:30 - Embarrassed to the max, throws phone to the ground, and pulls covers over his head to get some sleep

When Elliot's over
11:30 - Makes out with Elliot
1:30 - All-night video game match that keeps going until James finally beats Elliot in a game

*Katkat-Tan - James Hellbourne
*cheese-cake-panda - Elliot Rhodes
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