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The Hanzolution

The evolution of Hanzo

…The Hanzolution

decided to draw a little something super quick while waiting for the AM * - *
and what better to draw than an ex-mafia in a mid-life crisis who looks like he only just now entered his rebellious phase.
i havent touched my tablet in forever wow.

…….somewhere in the distance Genji is just silently holding in his tears in mourning for the brother he once knew . _ .

...P.S. pls no 'omg you're alive!' comments theyll just make me feel worse about well....being dead . _ .


Fire Emblem: Fates Fanzine PRE-ORDER!

Heya guys! HUHU i know ive said this countless times by now but the intensity with which i say it with never dwindles with each time i do, but im SO sorry ive been so inactive as of....the past year....or 2.......or 3. damn >: O

I really do feel bad about it, especially considering that I still have a comic I've yet to finish, despite my original intention of actually finishing that thing ._.
So to try and SOMEWHAT (???) make up for it I've been working on some art for an upcoming Fire Emblem: Fates Fanzine that's currently open for pre-orders 8D
It's managed by a good friend of mine and im one of the main artists (meaning I'll be submitting at least 3 pieces of art for this thang + preorder bonuses), and anyone willing to pre-purchase will be given 100 virtual kisses from yours truly e 3 e

I'll be posting more little tidbits and teasers for the next couple days (or at least I will on my FB page lawl), so there's that

Preorders end August 30 +8GMT! Estimated shipment period will be late September to mid October.
Pre-order here!:


Book details:

5 main artists | 19 guest artists | A5 sized | 50 full colored pages

cobraidy | tokwa | alktomycin | pikadiana | katkat-tan

mesoxalic | GUNOUFLAGE | plagalkey | refrainbow | dieciaem | kawamamilosc | fishbacon | kelpls | frothystars | solosii | battlerobots | sheepskin | sinnygoto | reumxu | ryuucae | condofixed | gaybravado | jvvvk | kyoumei

oH : Fireflies and Canned Juice

really quick thing coz i have yet to submit anything to this group lel

headcanon where Andrei loves getting into Ayano's personal space just because he knows she's uncomfortable with it, but they both have hella short atention spans so they tend to disregard this when theres something else that can distract their attantion lololol

Ayano © Fuu-Ma

Regular Fullshade Fullbody x2 = 1400
Simple Fullshade BG = 650
Total = 2050 Tokens
o-H: Guardian - Chichi
hides this under my mess of a gallery //BREATHES

Would-be Self: The type who can be relied on, and is both dependable and skilled enough to be of use to people he loves. Someone who isn't so prone to using violence as a first resort to every bad situation.
Quote"Cook, Clean, Create!~"

Personality: The embodiment of a perfect servant: With manners and etiquette any nobleman would brag about, The charm and grace that make any men who lay eyes upon him swoon, and the skills and ability that are the envy of experienced smithies and craftsmen alike. -- Don't you dare mistake him for a girl, though. Despite his love for anything frilly, pretty and cute, nothing but death awaits the fool who doth maketh that mistake.

Likes: Cleanliness, organization, being praised, planning, reading, classical music, children, sharp knives and daggers, chores, freshly laundered and ironed clothes, fashionable clothes
Dislikes: Any form of mess, laziness, sloppiness, disrespectfulness, loud annoying noises, having nothing to do, mismatched clothes & color clashes

> Charm is his necklace
> Has amazing memory
> Avoids fighting if he can, because blood can get really messy -- and he doesn't wanna stain his clothes.
> Loves Andrei to bits, but tends to scold him a lot on his manners, etiquette, posture, general mesiness and being utterly terrible at cooking. Hasn't given up hope on him yet, though.
> Calls Andrei either 'Sir' or 'Young master'
open-HEARTS: Fratello, Andrei

| :iconopen-hearts:|

....because friends T 7 T

|| Character :

Name: Fratello, Andrei
Nickname: Rei
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Birthday: August 13
Year: 2nd
Height: 190 cm

Would-be Self: The type who can be relied on, and is both dependable and skilled enough to be of use to people he loves. Someone who isn't so prone to using violence as a first resort to every bad situation.

|| Personality :

+ Hardworking | + Good Listener | + Understanding | - Messy | - Cracks bad jokes | - Short-tempered

Often mistaken for being a common thug due his naturally intimidating face and scarred hands and forearms, he was often unwilingly dragged into fights and arguments. This had been such a common occurrence in his life that Andrei had long since given up on the idea of talked-through peaceful resolutions and instead resorts to physical violence to solve most of his problems when it can. It was a lot faster, too. He absolutely hates being hit for no reason, even if it was as a joke. Hit him, and he will hit you back. Hard.

More than anything, he wants to be the kind of big brother all of his siblings could look up to, and one who could provide them with anything they could ever need. He is currently trying to teach himself how to sew and cook, but he was never really good with 'creating' things outside of his job that needed a delicate hand. Destroying things, yes, he was very good at. But otherwise, he was a hopeless case. He doesn't stop trying and stays determined though. He practiced and practiced until his hands grew scarred from sewing and knife cuts. He tells everyone he got them from fights though. It seemed less embarassing that way. He also tends to focus more on being practical than anything, so things like cleaning and fashion are lost to him. Though at one point he thought that being able to clean after himself and his siblings was eventually going to be a necessity, he decided that there were other more important things he could work on at the moment -- like carpentry. Yeah, carpentry was fun. And though he won't necessarily be enthusiastic about it all of the time, he has not hesitations about helping people out when they need help, no matter how tiresome or difficult the task may be (so long as it doesnt get him killed).

It can be somewhat difficult getting close to him as his resting bitch face alone was usually enough to scare people away. That, and he isn't a very good conversationalist. He does alright when there's already a topic at hand, and he cracks (lame) jokes from time to time too, but when it comes to actually COMING UP with a topic...then that's where he tends to fall short. He grows concerned for anyone who obviously isn't looking alright, though (Even though he tends to pretend he really doesn't). And he has no problem with lending an ear to anyone who needs it. He finds that listening to other people's problems and helping with suggestions and advice calmed him and gave him a sense of achievement. He does tend to grow more sassy and witty the more bored he gets, though some people say it actually adds to his charm for some reason. He also loves kids, having so many siblings himself, he's always been able to get along with them and other people who seemed younger than him if they weren't frightened away by him at first glance. Puppies and other small animals also happen to trigger his big-brother mode. On the other hand, he doesn't care much for adults or other people around his age. 'They're old enough to handle themselves', he tells himself.

|| Biography :

Growing up with 6 younger siblings, Andrei had always felt responsible for taking care of them while his parents were doing what they could working the fields. They were a relatively poor, lower class family from a remote area in Virac, Philippines. Though a beautiful, sunny place right next to the sea and beach, It didn't exactly provide much opportunities for work. So for a period of time, he left to live with distant relatives to try and find a decent job. He worked while continuing his studies as they tended to leave him to his own devices and simply left him with canned food in exchange for chores he did around the house. They were out a lot and busy with their own jobs. This carried on for a while, until one day, he had received word from his mother that the youngest of his siblings came down with a bad fever. Dropping everything, he made his way back home.

His brother didn't make it to the next day. some time later, after a long tiring day on the farm, he heard his sister crying. To his slight relief, he found that she had simply torn her favorite dress on the corner of a table. Andrei suggested that she lend him her dress for a while and he would do whatever he could to fix it up. He got to work on learning how to sew. After a couple days of pricking himself on the fingers, he managed -- or well, he tried to, anyway. He gave it back, albeit a bit embarrassed of the results, not expecting the look of sheer glee on her face as she rushed over to give him a big hug as thanks. “It's the first thing you've ever done just for me.”, she said. “You're hardly ever around since all you do is work all day. And while we all appreciate what you do....We still miss our brother.”

His egg was born that day.

It was the small things in life that brought his family their everyday joy. He just wanted to be with them and do whatever small things he could to keep them happy -- But of course, nothing would ever be that easy. The best way to be with them and still make a living was by starting his own business. He decided it was time to go back to school. But even gathering all of his savings, it was nowhere near enough to get him in even one term. He resorted to asking for help from his relatives from before. Explaining his situation to them, they agreed to help, if anything as their condolences for the recent passing of his brother. While they prioritized their work above all else, they weren't bad people. They helped when they could -- or when it was convenient. At one point it came to mind that if they were willing enough to spend so much money on him for the sake of his studies that maybe he could just ask for said money instead -- but his pride and their principles wouldn't allow it. They were firm believers that if you wanted something, you would have to work for it. They would be willing to send him to school, but what he did from then on would be all on him. But they would be moving to Japan for work soon, and their only condition was he needed to come with them there to study so that it would be easier for them to keep tabs on him. Andrei hesitated, as he worried about what would become of his family if he left, but they made sure they would be alright by hiring help to manage their farm. He was still hesitant about being so far away, but seeing his siblings so excited about the fact that he would be travelling abroad helped to be the little push he needed. With matters finally settled and promises to meet again were made, he was off to Seiyo Academy.

|| Misc :

+ Kids
+ Working out
+ Carpentry
+ Sports
+ OJ
+ Warm blankets
+ Easy-to-move-in light comfy clothes
+ Strawberries
+ Small Animals

- Cooking
- Sewing
- Frou frou clothing
- Bright lights
- Random people picking fights with him
- Loud people and parties
- Coleslaw
- His own messy hair
- Complicated gadgets

- He has a sweet-tooth for anything strawberry
- His rubber bracelets double as extra ponytails
- He's actually really into doing laundry coz everything smells nice afterwards
- Too cheap to go to a barber and too unskilled to cut his own hair, he usually just waits and sees if anyone is willing cut it for him for free
- Not a morning person

|| Profile :

Hell Yes.
Injury: Hell Yes.
Corruption: Hell yes.

Roleplay Methods: Pref. Lit. and thru note, Google Doc or FB (Katkat-Tan)
Availability: Feel free to contact me thru Note or FB message



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